Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening

The radiance of the snow-white smile attracts everyone's attention; it is beautiful and helps to endear the people around you. But every day, a person's teeth come into contact with many different, including dyes. They are contained in beverages and foods, in alcohol and cigarettes. Teeth turn yellow, grow dull, the smile loses its whiteness. And then professional dental whitening comes to the rescue.

Dental whitening is a special procedure, during which plaque is removed, and the tooth enamel is lightened to the desired shade.

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Why professional approach is so important:

  1. Spares tooth enamel. Modern professional bleaching methods allow the enamel to gently lighten with the minimum possible damage. In this case, the patient does not experience discomfort.
  2. Dental hygienist applies modern quality materials and monitors the process at all stages.
  3. The procedure is painless and takes not too long. You just need to come to the reception, relax and wait for the result.

Almost everything can whiten teeth, the procedure is not as expensive as it may seem. But in some cases, the use of professional whitening is impossible due to the nature of the human body:

  1. Increased erasability of enamel. Monitor the condition of the enamel and try to maintain a natural shade with everyday methods of dental care.
  2. Cracks on enamel. Even after undergoing a course of treatment, it is better to avoid bleaching.
  3. Caries. The procedure is banned at any stage. After completing the course of treatment, you should carefully treat bleaching. It is best to consult a dentist. Bleaching will affect the enamel of the teeth, and the filling will remain “as is”.
  4. Braces. During the period of leveling, refrain from professional bleaching. After removing the braces procedure is allowed.
  5. Stomatitis Even in the case of predisposition to this disease is better not to risk it.
  6. Allergies to substances contained in teeth whitening materials.
  7. Pregnancy, breastfeeding period of the child.
  8. Young age. It is not recommended to apply for professional whitening to minors. However, they usually do not need it.

Method Description

The essence of the process is simple. On the visible part of the teeth put a special composition. A special lamp is placed above the teeth, the effect of which activates the process. This is usually either a laser or some other special lighting option.

As a result of heat exposure, the gel on the teeth is activated, penetrates the enamel tissue and oxidizes the pigment. As a result, the teeth become lighter. After reaching the desired effect, the procedure is completed.

In the first few days after professional whitening, you will have to suffer minor inconveniences due to the increased sensitivity of the teeth. And then you can forget about the limitations and enjoy the snow-white smile.

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