SwissDent – Swiss dental standards

There are legends about the accuracy of Swiss products; it has long become a reference. Our field is dentistry, and here we strive to meet the highest standards. We offer the help of a dentist in Kiev at the highest professional level. We strive to be the best, like masters from Switzerland. That is why our network has chosen the name SwissDent.

We offer truly high-quality dental services:

1. accurate computer diagnostics; 2. comprehensive care: from caries to teeth correction; 3. diseases of the oral cavity: periodontitis, parodontitis, etc .; 4. whitening and ultrasonic cleaning of teeth; 5. aesthetic correction; 6. counseling, prevention, etc.

Want to find a good dentist on the right bank? Get quality advice from a dentist in Kiev at the best price!

Why SwissDent?

1. Professionalism without compromise

In SwissDent you will only meet dentists of the first or highest categories. Our doctors are regularly trained in European clinics. You will definitely appreciate our hospitality, attention at every stage and excellent results!

2. Modern methods and maximum attention

We pay special attention to modern methods of prosthetics, high-quality implantation, as well as such an important area as the aesthetic restoration of teeth. But we work in a comprehensive manner, in full compliance with all Swiss standards. Any of your problems in the dental office in Kiev will be solved easily and with maximum comfort. Need to correct bite or whiten teeth? Cope with gum disease or treat tooth decay? All treatments will be quick and painless. And the prices you like.

3. Dentistry in Kiev: cheap and high quality

Our dental clinic practice attractive prices. The professionalism of doctors allows us to offer decent quality services for a wide range of people. We are able to offer you inexpensive dentistry - high-quality, painless and comfortable. See for yourself - give yourself a smile at a bargain price!

One of the best dentists on the right bank of Kiev is waiting for you every day from 9.00 to 21.00. You can contact us and clarify any questions. Call or order a call from us at a convenient time. We will discuss, specify the time of reception, we recall about the visit.

We invite you to a free initial consultation of an experienced dentist on any issues - from prevention to implantation. Swissdent in Kiev - perfect solutions at the best prices!